Performance works




Unwanted Conversations starts as a duet and ends as a solo. Presented as a drama between a male and female at a bus stop. The man is cat calling and the woman is ignoring him- a psychological battle ensues. The woman exits…

Radical Gestures is a meditation/ prayer/ ritual. There are set floor patterns and set movement but complicate the piece the audience is allowed to ask questions while the soloist is performing.

This has to be one of my favorite pieces to perform…


Choreographer: Brontez Purnell/Sophia Wang | Dancers: Brontez Purnell/Sophia Wang | Premiered: The Lab, San Francisco CA July 25 2013 | Support: Self-Produced |


Purnell’s stagecraft or his peculiar style of vindictive dignity, which seemed to invite us to gawk at him just so he could throw it in our face? In a genre like performance art-based dance, where charisma might be everything, can you distinguish craft from presence? I don’t know, but I know I’ve seen a lot of dull performance art, and Purnell not only made me pay attention, he left me wrestling with my reactions. Someone give this guy a grant. – By Rachel Howard, Footnotes [see whole article here]