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The Episodes II

The Episodes II


Description: Essentially the “re-mix” of The Episodes 1.  “The Episodes confronted the sacred rituals and rhythms of the everyday. It was a question of possession or of being possessed. Along side the religious baggage of said topic there was extreme practicality in it. That is – whenever in situations of “ritual” I feel catharsis and lifted but I never really leave my body. I only really do when in the grips of the everyday. Its in the bike ride to work , washing the dishes , or any given repetitiveness of the 9 to 5 reality. I arrive at work or at a clean kitchen with the same thought-that being “wow, how did i get here?!” I stopped paying attention and let my spirit go on auto-pilot. I found I could often lose myself in the rhythm of street traffic or even my own footsteps or heartbeat.  I think this all should be celebrated like ritual, and that thought/feeling was essentially the basis of The Episodes.”

This whole score was written from the diary of a fictional persona. He has anxiety around sex and general relation to the world. He dreams of being a sitcom writer. The show was put together as a visual “mix-tape”.


Choreographer: Brontez Purnell | Dancers: Larry Arrington, Jason Graf, Caleb McLoud, Jesse Hewitt, Oscar Io, Sophia Wang, Brontez Purnell. | Premiered: Counter Pulse. | Support from: Counter Pulse.


Brontez Purnell Dance Company The Episodes II