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Ceremonious / Unceremonious

Ceremonious / Unceremonious


The new work Cerimonious/Uncerimonious serves to work as a negative reverse image to The Episodes. The piece is not set in the everyday but in the grips of “the ceremony”- the pivotal moment, the grand finale. The mind no longer wonders in trance but is grounded in fact, and drinking in every moment of the ceremony. The Rite of Passage presents its-self as a door we must eneviatible pass though, though for the purposes of this piece the catharsis is taken with a grain of salt. The performer works as anarchist “What if i don’t want to walk in this door? What if I’m questioning the transition.” We examine the ultimate Comandment of the performance “An entrance is also an exit….” and vice versa.  In performing we counterpoise Trickster and Acolyte.


Choreographer: Sophia Wang/Brontez Purnell | Performing: Sophia Wang, Brontez Purnell | Premiered: KUNTS-STOFF | Support: AIR SPACE RESIDENCY


The two dancers position themselves as both the Masters of Ceremony and the party crashers. They both perform the rights, while never being afraid to ask “what makes this all so goddamn special” – not, mind you, in a mode of disrespect – but to explore the nuances of ceremony as led by the archetypal figure of The Trickster.


CeremoniousUnceremonious – A duet by Brontez Purnell Sophia Wang 3 from MMc Projects on Vimeo.
Presented as part of AIRspace AIRSpace – Queer Performance Art Residency Program



This new work finds form through text, movement, and the liberation of a field of white balloons that, as with rituals and rites, comes to signify what we need them to mean. The piece begins with physical exertion in conversation with meaning, and builds slowly and surely. We manifest the fundamental resistance and listlessness of the human psyche which begs “can we PLEASE get on with this already?!?!” Resistance becomes a crucial rite in itself: acknowledging both the appeal and the tyranny of our shared cultural scripts.



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