As part of WE HAVE THIS, Instigated by Jesse Hewit
Oct 21st, 2013 – An Event of the 22nd Annual West Dance Festival

WE HAVE THIS was an investigation into how one-on-one encounters between artists might create a kind of sustainability: for the artists themselves, for the forms they are working in, and for the political and socio-economic situation of whacking away at our craft in a cultural economy that mostly wants to erase us. WE HAVE THIS featured five pairs of dance artists:




A collaboration with Larry Arrington


This was a part of the West Wave Festival curated by Jesse Hewitt. I was thrilled to be paired with Larry Arrington who I had loved and respected for a minute. What is of note of this performance is that Larry was away in Sweden at the time and mailed me a set of instructions for a structured improv which i didn’t read until the day of the festival. I remember riding my bike on stage and skateboarding through Z Space in SF completely naked. It was a fun night. Also of note was that Larry ordered that there be no documentation of this event but I was a brat about it and insisted local dance photographer Robbie Sweeny grab one shot for me.